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Sheet Lamination Machine

Sheet Lamination Machine

We have gained immense appreciation among our clients for our manufactured and exported of Sheet lamination Machine.

Sheet Lamination Machine (Semiautomatic)

This machine is used for lamination on sheet.

Product Introduction:

  • Two strips
  • one rewinding shaft
  • one extra rewinding shaft
  • variable speed drive

Sheet Lamination Machine (Automatic)

pre-stack paper feeding system using oil-free vacuum pump suction feeding paper, and can achieve feed paper without stop, improve work efficiency

man-machine interface system: color touch screen, easy to operate. Directly enter the paper size to be processed, lap distance, speed, etc., can achieve the whole machine operation automation. The operator can view the machine’s working status from the touch screen at any time.

the conveyor platform adopts suction-type paper, and equipped with pre-regulation and other devices to ensure that the paper, stacked paper smooth, tidy, and at the same time improve the accuracy of paper coating;

built-in oil heating system to ensure that the film temperature uniformity and stability;

automatic hydraulic system can automatically provide a stable pressure to ensure the quality of film.