Atulya Machines

semiautomatic Corrugated Box Making plant

Corrugated Carton Box Making Machine

In this Corrugated Box Making Plant there are total Six machines in whole plant. which is used for making Kraft paper to corrugated box.

In this plant different operations are done on corrugated sheet in different  machines and then you can get your final product.

Paper Corrugation Machine (Oblique type)

For high production capacity and increased efficiency as compared to other models.

Rolls are mounted on roller bearing for smooth running & longer life.

The machine is provided with gum tray movement device which becomes operational when gum unit is disengaged from rollers.

The machine is recommended to be used on steam heating or thermic fluid heating.

Reel to sheet cutting machine (Gear type)

This Machine is designed for high production and straight cutting of sheets or two-ply corrugated board without damaging flutes & liner paper. Mostly, this machine is used as an independent unit for direct and accurate sheet cutting.

Sheet Pasting Machine

this Machine is use for make 2ply sheet to convert 3ply, 5ply, 7ply, 9ply, 11ply corrugation sheet

The machine is used for applying glue on the tip of the corrugated surface and pasting corrugated sheets of different ply and thickness. This machine is known for its robust construction and ability continuously running at even high speeds.

Thin Blade

This Machine is designed for thin edge (about 1mm thickness) slitting with automatic and manual grindstone grinding to keep edge sharp and make slit paper smooth and tidy all times. In this machine Pre-pressed paper feeding ensures the stable paper transmit.

Rotary Slotter Machine (RS-4)

This machine is very useful in the process of making box from Corrugated board.

Board is first passed through Four bar or Two bar rotary cutting and creasing machine to get length wise creasing on the board and also to cut board in correct width required.

Then board is placed on chain feeding table provided with machine, one by one.

Chain feeder take board in to the machine widthwise and it then do creasing, side cutting, slotting & corner cutting in single feeding, thus saving too much of labor.

Box Stitching Machine

This machine is used to give the cartons final and perfect shape.