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Printer Slotter Die Cutter

Printer Slotter Die Cutter

We are a Printer Slotter Die Cutter manufacturer in India. We have been supplying our wide range of products to all over India customers. For Better understanding of our customer we have given alternate names of the products also.

Auto Feed Single Color Flexo Printing Rotary Die Cutting Machine


  • This machine is component with the feeding unit, printing unit, slotting unit, can accomplish the process of the corrugate paperboard printing, slotting and die-cutting.
  • The materials of the body is HT250,thickness of body is 50mm,making by CNC machine, with high strength and high precision.
  • All the transmission gear is spiral gear, materials is 45# steel, after harding treadment, and adopt automatic circle lubrication, with low noise, high precision and long use life.
  • Bearing adopt the famous brand in China like JINLUN,WANGXIANG AND HAERBIN.
  • The electric contactor adopt TELEMECANIQUE brand.
  • The rubber roller adopt Jizhou Chunfeng Yinxing rubber roller, famous brand in Taiwan.

Main Technical Parameters:

  • Paper-feeding part : Auto chain feeding.
  • Max. printing speed : 60 sheets/min.
  • Economy printing speed : 40 sheets/min.
  • Max. paper coverage area : 1400×2400mm.
  • Min. paper coverage area : 380(full block print)×500mm.
  • Effective print area : 1400×2200mm.
  • Adapted paper board : three layers, five layers, seven layers.
  • Chromatography precision : ≤±0.65mm.
  • Slot precision≤±1.0mm.
  • Power : 5 Kw
  • Weight : 4750 Kgs

Printer Die Cutter

Functions and Features:

Rotary roller Die-cutting machine is suitable to die-cut all kinds of corrugated cardboard and various different packages. The die-cutting machine which is made in China has the features such as high efficiency, energy saving and safety.

The machine is equipped with imported polyurethane carpet sets, which can be used more than 10 million times. The self-compensation of the linear speed can help ensure to die cut the needs cardboard after the polyurethane carpet sets are worn down.

Soft roller repairs the color of the machine can make the service life of the polyurethane carpet sets extended. The feeding part adopts linked self-locking system, which makes it easier operation.

Technical parameters:

Model Max. feeding area (mm) Min. feeding area (mm) Thickness of feeding paper (mm) Motor power (kw)
1600 1600 x 1350 300 x 500 1-8 (35 sheets) 4.0
1800 1800 x 1350 300 x 600 1-8 (35 sheets) 5.5
2000 2000 x 1600 400 mx 600 1-10 (3-7 sheets) 7.5
2400 2400 x 1600 400 x 700 1-10 (3-7 sheets) 7.5