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Paper Corrugation Machine

Paper Corrugation Machine

This machine is used to convert kraft paper into two ply  roll.

Paper Corrugation Machine (Oblique type)

For high production capacity and increased efficiency as compared to other models.

Rolls are mounted on roller bearing for smooth running & longer life.

The machine is provided with gum tray movement device which becomes operational when gum unit is disengaged from rollers.

The machine is recommended to be used on steam heating or thermic fluid heating.


Size 32” 36” 42” 52” 62”

Finger less Corrugating Machine (Atulya Make)

The machine (Fingerless Corrugation Machine) offers high rate of production and enhance efficiency. The corrugated flute rollers, pressure rollers and glue rollers are by Pneumatic adjustment. The flute rollers are mounted on bearings for smooth running and imparts proper impression on paper. The middle flute roller is fitted with vacuum suction jacket instead of adapters which keep flute profile stable.

fingerless corrugation machine the fluted paper is guided by the suction. Thus there are no slots in the gum applicator roll so the gum applicator roll in continuous and uniform from one end to another end. Finger less corrugation machine can have different sizes according to the size of corrugated board.

Size 32” 36” 42” 52” 62”