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15 Best Wedding Songs — Featuring Matchmaker Band

02May '23

15 Best Wedding Songs — Featuring Matchmaker Band

The Quick type: most factors go into a marriage, such as the flowers, meals, drinks, and — the succeed or break it factor — songs. That is lots of places for what to get just right… and them to go unbelievably completely wrong. The best solution is to consult a specialist, and, for wedding ceremony music, that implies Matchmaker Band. The 10-piece band has-been at it since 2008 and performs 100 activities a year. One of Matchmaker Band’s co-founders and vocalists, Jerry smart, provided united states their unique recommendations for 15 wedding day tracks — and somewhat suggestions about making certain your music does not crash the party.


We’ve all been there: that terrible wedding, utilizing the cash bar and bad meal, reminiscent of the last senior high school reunion. Despite all of that, though, the thing truly making you desire an abrupt meteor strike to place the night regarding their misery? The music. That terrible — and I also imply dreadful — music. Therefore awful, in fact, not even tipsy bridesmaids are prepared to try the dance floor.

If this feels like your own nightmare scenario, there was but expect: employ a professional, like Matchmaker Band. Formed by Jerry smart and his awesome close friend, Amos Traystman, Matchmaker Band has been generating music in Austin, Texas — the live songs money worldwide — since 2008. Dedicated to Motown, heart, and funk, the group has exploded to a full 10 pieces — including drums, electric guitar, secrets, trumpet, bass, saxophone, and four vocalists.

Matchmaker Band also supplies full DJ solutions — even when the musical organization breaks, you will find fantastic songs to help keep the celebration going. The group’s full technology team, just who developed every one of the audio and lighting equipment beforehand, will guarantee every thing runs effortlessly. “All of our aim,” demonstrated Megan smart, Jerry’s wife and one from the feminine vocalists, “is to make sure you have the best night of your life.”

Among the items that establishes the musical organization apart is the capacity to maintain a super taut, family-like relationship. “i’m our very own musical organization is a little special in that — some groups seem to perform the work because it’s work; we all love each other, love-making songs with each other,” vocalist Jerry said.

That love generally seems to shine through to their clients; Matchmaker Band takes on 100 times a-year at weddings nationwide. With all of that expertise in helping generate the right marriage, we had Jerry give us 15 ideas for surefire-hit wedding songs.

Matchmaker Band’s Top 15 Wedding tune Suggestions

While every wedding playlist will be special into pair, there are usual elements to the majority of them. Keeping that in mind, we’ve busted the listings into three primary categories: very first dances, party floor hits, and top DJ requests.

Passionate Songs when it comes down to very first Dance (#1-5)

According to Jerry, the majority of partners curently have “their song,” but below are a few tips if you need motivation.

a nice song summarized by the line “all of myself enjoys all of you”, this 2013 success had been devoted by Legend to their spouse.

A melodic track about slipping in love and achieving it withstand through the years. Sheeran’s 2014 success stayed regarding U.K. leading 40 for a full season.

Rumored getting already been empowered by a gospel song of similar title, this flexible ballad has become protected by dozens of music artists as it was at first tape-recorded in 1974.

Another generally covered tune, this Elvis standard at first debuted in 1962, topping british maps.

A Beatles struck initially revealed in 1968, this cover was actually recorded in 1995. The Krauss type of the track ended up being playing for Jerry and Megan’s very first dance at their very own marriage.

Songs to Fill the Dance flooring (#6-10)

whilst the ceremony is unique and all sorts of, the majority of us visited the marriage for three things: food, products — and dancing. These five tracks will definitely get your guests bouncing.

This song was released early in the day this year and hit instant popularity, although the movie which is why the song ended up being created, “Trolls,” isn’t set-to release until autumn.

This song, introduced in 2014, is a marriage ideal ever since. The songs provides some a ’80s throwback experience, although defeat is fantastic for just about any style of dance.

This 1967 traditional R&B tune is practically guaranteed to bring guests of all ages towards dancing flooring.

A timeless R&B song, Stevie credits their mother with coining the title and chorus with this 1970 success.

Another traditional, this 1978 single has-been rocking boogie floors for over 3 decades.

Most-Requested Songs for the DJ (#11-15)

Let’s be honest — not all song is proven to work whenever starred live; some songs just need a DJ. Here you will find the tracks to demand at a marriage.

Though maybe not a complete Billboard achievements, this rap individual has-been getting people onto the dancing flooring since 2008.

This uptempo track debuted near the top of the Billboard Hot 100 list and broke electronic revenue files for 2014.

Introduced in 2007, this R&B track initial appeared in the online songs game “Dance! Using The Internet.” It’s got since impressed its very own line dance.

Originally showing weak numbers on Billboard lists, this rap single become popular after becoming done on evening tv.

The 2009 launch rapidly became certainly one of Miley’s greatest successes, with all the encouraging tune generating a lot of good reactions from critics and fans alike.

As a whole Techniques for Selecting The Right Music

The important aspect to preventing songs problem? Don’t forget the market! There are plenty of times and spots to rock and roll out over your favorite electric guitar solos — your wedding day may possibly not be top location.

“i’ve lots of brides and grooms which have their most favorite songs, the things they fancy,” Jerry mentioned, “it needs to translate really into the dancing floor.” Because that you don’t center Taylor Swift, doesn’t mean you and your guests can not boogie to the woman most recent unmarried.

“Even though it is almost certainly not the bride or bridegroom’s preferred track — when it gets their pals regarding dance flooring, its OK,” describes Jerry.

It’s also the primary reason a lot of the suggested tracks sound familiar. Relating to Jerry, do not make use of your wedding as a period to introduce songs to your guests. “generally, you should keep away from unknown tracks,” he said. “whenever you try to teach your invited guests’ musical preferences — really, that always backfires.”

From DJ to Orchestra: Going Beyond the Band

While it should be impossible to kindly every marriage guest, utilizing the right songs (and maybe an open club) your wedding is sure to end up being fun. Should you’d rather leave it up to the pros, name Matchmaker Band; but get it done although you can. The musical organization is diving in to the deluxe realm and expanding the reach, therefore their own schedule should be filling quicker than before.

Matchmaker Band Logo

“we simply included a band choice: a 16-piece group, with a sequence section and expanded horn and percussion sections,” Jerry said. “We’re in addition moving toward becoming a destination wedding band.” The group people are no strangers to search: they have played events from nyc to Seattle. They’d like to go worldwide, also.

In the event that group is scheduled during the time of your own occasion, don’t be concerned — they’ve got a solution to that, as well. Two of the founding members, Amos and Jerry, started an entertainment business known as Moontower recreation. Making use of the staff’s many years of event experience and a band lineup over 100 powerful, they are sure to have the ability to be practical.

Jerry’s closure information? “I would like to motivate partners to not ever settle,” the guy said. Per Jerry, you should never get married simply because it seems like that’s what you’re supposed to perform, or perhaps you’re much more stoked up about throwing an enjoyable wedding than the actual marriage part. “I waited until I was 31 before we found my spouse — it had been worth the hold off.”

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