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Automatic Corrugation Machining Manufacturer

Automatic Corrugation Machining Manufacturer, Automatic Corrugation Machine
13Apr '20

Automatic Corrugation Machining Manufacturer

Automatic Corrugation Machining Manufacturer

Atulya Machines Pvt. Ltd. is a famous Automatic Corrugation Machining Manufacturer and Supplier. Aiming at utmost client satisfaction, we are offering heavy-duty die punching embossing & creasing machine to the clients.



  • Thin blade enables clean cutting edge at high speed
  • Automatic grinding device
  • Lubrication system keeps blade always sharp
  • 999 orders can be stored in a computer
  • Computerized high-speed order change improves working efficiency
  • Tool positioning and order change can be finished at one time
  • Driven by gear-motor
  • Tool heads can realize high-speed and precise positioning
  • Motorized web deviation correcting
  • Automatic scoring depth adjustment
  • The scrap-collecting wind tube can automatically align
  • Computerized synchronization with the line
  • With 6 slitting knives and 10 scoring wheels

We tested these Automatic Corrugation Machining with the help of our diligent quality auditors in order to ensure their flawlessness and greater operational efficiency. Our range includes Corrugation Single Face Paper Corrugating Machine, Oblique Type Corrugating Machine, Double Profile Corrugating Machine.

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