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Carton Box Printing Machine

Carton Box Printing Machine
31Jan '20

Carton Box Printing Machine

Carton Box Printing Machine

Agatsya Engineering providing Carton Box Printing Machine which is one of the Box Stitching Machine. It is manufactured strictly as per the specifications of our clients. These machines are highly reliable for long service life and give an excellent performance.

Technical Parameter

Maximum speed 60 (pcs /min)
Max. feeding size 1400 x2400 mm
Skip feeding size 2200 mm
Max. printing size 1400 x 2200 mm
Min. feeding size 560×260 mm
The thickness of the printing plate 4.97 mm to 7.2 mm
Printing Color 1 color
Min. slotting space 210×50×210×50 mm
Max. slotting depth 230 mm
Printing precision ±0.5 mm

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