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Double Jointed Stitching Machine

Double Jointed Stitching Machine, Semi-Auto Double Jointed Stitching Machine
08Jan '20

Double Jointed Stitching Machine

Double Jointed Stitching Machine

Agatsya Engineering providing Double Jointed Stitching Machine which is one of the Box Stitching Machine. It is manufactured strictly as per the specifications of our clients. These machines are highly reliable for a long service life and give an excellent performance. We tested these machines with the help of our diligent quality auditors in order to ensure.

Technical Parameter

Size 3000
Max. sheet size (a+b)x2 6000mm
Min .sheet size (a+b)x2 1060mm
Max. sheet length 2850
Min. sheet length 350
Paper height 400 mm
Stitching pitch 30-120mm
Nailing speed 350 nails/min
Total power 18 HP
Number of nails 1-99

Usage and Characteristics 

  • Double Purpose, single-chip can be associated with nail container, two-piece can be associated with nail container, unpredictable container
  • The machine can be all-electric balanced, can be changed size immediately between two-three minutes.
  • It can nail single nail, twofold nail, fortify nail total in one – time,
  • Paper nourishing segment can naturally tally, send after the pack into the group
  • For bigger containers, bound in quick and laborsaving.
  • The controlling sewing pitch is instated by PC, sewing pitch 30-100mm, can be straightforwardly input sewing pitch or determined it consequently.
  • It can likewise nail the container that has just a base.

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