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Corrugated Rotary Slotter Machine

RS4 Rotary Creaser Slotter Machine, Corrugated Rotary Slotter Machine, RS4 Rotary Slotting Machine
03Jan '20

Corrugated Rotary Slotter Machine

Corrugated Rotary Slotter Machine

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Technical Parameters

Parameter Name Specification Specification Specification
Reamer plate diameter 400 400 400
Size 2200 2400 2600
Board area (mm) 1400 x 2200 1400 x 2400 1400 x 2600
Max slot thickness (mm) 300 300 300
Slot width (mm) 7.0 7.0 7.0
(positive reamer) (mm) 120 120 120
Slot speed (pieces/ min 0-70 0-70 0-70


Use and characteristics

  • This machine embraces the bite the dust slicing style to supplant the customary opening style. This new and artificially gear can complete auto-opening corner-cutting, line-moving paper separating at one
  • Embraces sent out cambered saw-tooth blade making the kick the bucket cutting surface smooth and without burr.
  • The hole between the pad roll and the blade shape roll is balanced by hand pneumatic changing the delicate move to go here and there.
  • The padded roll receives a mechanical cam way longitudinal moving (40 mm) structure.
  • The entire machine embraces the Oldham coupling structure and oil-showering grease with relentless critical and delayed rigging administration life.
  • Electric change for bite the dust cutting stage with the scale indicating the date.


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