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Corrugation Machine

Agatsya Engineering, Corrugation machine
20Nov '19

Corrugation Machine

Corrugation Machine

Agatsya Engineering is one of the leading manufacturer of corrugation machine. These machines are widely used in converting paper into corrugated rolls. We are expert in manufacturing paper corrugated board and box making machine. Our range of corrugation machines consists of . . .

1. Corrugated Carton Box Making machine

This machine is suitable for making 2 ply corrugated rolls from paper. Fitted with 2 set of flute rolls, self loading stand and reel shaft. A semi automatic corrugated carton box making machine available in four sizes 42 in, 45 in, 52 in, and 62 in.

2. Single face paper corrugation machine

A single face paper corrugation machine converts paper into 2 ply corrugated rolls. This machine is semi automatic and is available in four sizes 42 in, 45 in, 52 in, and 62 in.

3. High Speed Corrugation machine

With a design speed of 60 m/min and an effective width of 1400 mm. Oil immersed type drive reducer box.

4. Automated corrugated board making plant

5. Paper Corrugation machine

Our mission is to make value added corrugation machines at competitive prices and to build longer relationships with our customers. We aspire to be preferred supplier in the global printing and packaging industry with our excellent quality corrugation machines. Our highly sophisticated manufacturing unit housed with latest machineries and technology we are capable of producing high quality corrugation machines at competitive prices. Customer satisfaction is our motto and we strive to gain their trust with the help of our product.

Also take a look at our Corrugation Board pressing machine.

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