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Corrugated Box Making Machinery in Rajkot

22Apr '19

Corrugated Box Making Machinery in Rajkot

Corrugated Box Making Machinery in Rajkot

Agatsya Engineering a well-known manufacturer of Corrugated Box Making Machinery in Rajkot. We are one of the leading manufacturers of Paper Corrugated Board and Box Making Machines. By adopting advanced technologies we produce high-end automatic machines that are mainly used for making the corrugated box.

We have an exclusive range of corrugated box making machinery. We offer you Shaftless Mill Reel Stand, Reel to Sheet Cutter, Single Facer Fingerless Type, Fingerless type single facer. The entire range of products is manufactured by using high-quality raw materials and using advanced technology. Impeccable Strength, Easy to Install, Reliable Operations, and sustainability with long life are features of our machines.

Specifications of Corrugated Box Making Machine,

  • Design Speed: 60m per min
  • Effective width: 1400mm
  • Corrugated roller: 280mm
  • Drive reducer box, oil immersed type lubricating to reduce noise keep running stable adopt transmission separate power.
  • Corrugating roller pressure roller and glue roller by pneumatic adjustment
  • Bearing of corrugated and pressure roller adopt high temperature lubricate grease
  • Glue parts auto supply glue circularly.
  • The upper-lower corrugating roller is made of 52CrMo high-quality alloy steel after heat treatment. The hardness HRC58-60the surface has been grinded.
  • The glue part surface is treated by special mesh and chrome plated.
  • Manual glue width dividing to match the paper width.

Corrugated Box Making Machinery

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