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Corrugation Box Cutting and Creasing Machine

Corrugation Box Cutting and Creasing Machine, Corrugation Box Cutting and Creasing Machine, Corrugated Box Cutting and Creasing Machine
04Feb '19

Corrugation Box Cutting and Creasing Machine

Corrugation Box Cutting and Creasing Machine

Agatsya Engineering a notable producer and provider of Corrugation Box Cutting and Creasing Machine in Rajkot. Our machines are of best quality and are produced according to mechanical models utilizing the best crude materials under the expert supervision of specialized specialists and expert labor.

We offer you the best range of 3&5 ply thin blade cutting and creasing machine, board edge cutting machine, board edge trimming machine, corrugated box creasing machine, carton board creasing machine and paper board creasing machine with effective & timely delivery.

3 & 5 Ply Thin Blade Cutting And Creasing Machine Specifications

Product Details:

Automation Grade Semi-Automatic
Motor Power (Kilowatt) 4 KW
Phase Three phase
Width of paper 2000 – 2400 mm
Slitting cutting 3 – 5
Min Press line width 200mm
Min Creasing width 200mm

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameter :

Model MIMT-2000 MIMT-2400
The width of the paper(mm) 2000 2400
The most speed of paper(m/min) 141 141
Slitting cutting 3-5 3-5
Min. Press line width 200mm 200mm
Min. Creasing width 200mm 200mm
The outer radius of the thin round edge 260mm 260mm
The thickness of the thin round edge 1mm 1mm
Power(kW) 4 Kw 4 Kw
Weight (kg) 2000 Kgs 2400 Kgs
Size (L x W x H ) 2630x1791x1130 2630x1791x1130

To fulfill the varying needs of the clients, we are offering NEW 4 BAR ROTARY CUTTING & CREASING MACHINE which is exclusively designed as per their specific requirements. It is highly suitable for industrial applications owing to its quality as per the international standards, robustness and optimum performance for the longer time.

Use and characteristic

  • Pre-pressed paper feeding ensures the stable paper transmit
  • Thin edge (about 1mm thickness) slitting with automatic and manual grindstone grinding to keep edge sharp and make slit paper smooth and tidy all times
  • Press lines on slit pre-pressed paper board ensure the original lines without crack
  • The thin edge slitter used for corrugated board production line can be provided.

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